Hey, I’m Jason.

Proud founder of Manifest Bracelets, big believer in the power of the mind, and strong advocate for mental health. In fact, I think the brain is the best muscle we can flex...and realizing that was the wakeup call I didn’t know I needed.

Like many of you, my life was anything but normal in 2020. Suddenly, I had way too much time to think about the far-off goals I put off for years. Like how I want to skip over the desk life and start a business that normalizes — no, champions — gaining experience in life skills outside the confines of a 9-5.

But there I was, typing away at a safe accounting job...I knew it was time to light that fire again. And that’s where Manifest was born.

I wanted to start a company that stands for taking your mental health and goals by the horns. The kind of brand that you can wear as a daily badge of honor for any intention you set. The type of bracelet that inspires you to get after what you’re really going for day in and day out.

Even more than that, I wanted to build a brand that puts a dent in changing the face of men's mental health. So for every Manifest bracelet purchased, 5% of net profits will be donated to charities that support life-changing men’s mental health programs.

Live with intention, give with intention, wear with intention — that’s the goal I hope we can high five on. 

Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad we crossed paths.

— Jason Veselak