How To Manifest In Three Simple Steps

by Jason Veselak September 08, 2021 4 min read

"The manifesting process is about becoming aware of what you really want, and then taking the appropriate action to manifest it. It's not enough just to say "I want to manifest this thing." You have to know what it is that you're manifesting, why you want it, and how you plan on getting there."

This quote illustrates the idea behind manifesting in three steps. When starting out with manifesting, one should first set their intention. After setting your intention, find clarity on your goal or outcome that will be achieved through manifestation. Lastly, take action by doing something every day with a mindset of manifestation until your goals are met!

Keep reading for an in-depth dive on how to manifest in three simple steps!

Preparing for Manifestation Success

Our 3-Step Manifestation Process was created to empower those who are looking to reach new heights mentally, physically, or spiritually.

While performing this process, it is important to use the appropriate stones that are associated with your specific goals and intentions.  At Manifest Bracelets, we specialize in intention-based designs and make it simple for you to use the proper stones that can help you reach your most powerful intentions and dreams in life.

The stones within our bracelets serve as the anchor point for your manifestation. Whenever you need to channel your intentions, you can simply look at your bracelet to harness the energetic properties of the stones.

In order to most powerfully manifest these properties, you should follow this 3-Step Manifestation Process to program your intentions into the stones.

Just remember, wearing these stones is a great starting point for manifestation, but they are not magic. Through a blend of daily affirmations, positive thinking, and the power of wearing manifestation stones, we aim to help you realize your biggest dreams and truest selves.

Step 1 - Set Your Intention

Intentions are your deepest desires and goals. Setting your intentions is a powerful practice that helps you cultivate your thoughts, actions, and attitudes towards the realization of your intentions. By vocalizing to the universe what it is that you truly want, you commit yourself to remaining open to possibilities that may help you achieve your intentions.

Start by taking five deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth, to get into a positive, meditative headspace. With a clear, strong voice, read an affirmation or mantra - or just simply state your intention.

You can also write a list of affirmations that you would like to manifest, and read them daily. For example: "I am healthy." "My body is strong and my mind is sharp." Write out these statements until they feel true for you - then post them up all around where you spend most of your time (like on the fridge!) so they are always visible reminders!

If you need help finding an affirmation that best suits your intentions, check out our list of 50+ affirmation ideas

Step 2 - Find Clarity

Becoming clear on your intentions is a pivotal step in this process. To find clarity, visualize in your mind exactly what you want to attract or accomplish. Remove any negativity or doubt in your ability to manifest your intention.

If you are struggling to erase these mental roadblocks, focus less on how you are going to achieve your intention and more on what your intention actually is. The clearer you can visualize your intention, the faster and more powerfully you will be able to manifest it.

To achieve greater clarity with regards to your intentions, you can associate specific positive images, sounds, feelings, or tastes with your intentions. This physical association will help to link your mind and body, making your intentions even stronger.

Step 3 - Manifest Through Action

Once you have set and become clear on your intentions, start taking small actions every day towards your goals. If we don’t take any steps towards manifesting what we want, we can't expect things to come into fruition.

It's like planting a seed and expecting flowers to sprout. There has to be some daily watering and gardening involved to get the flowers blooming! By taking daily action, one can see results faster which will give them the motivation to continue manifesting!

A great way to take action every day is to program your intentions into the stones of your bracelet. To do this, channel your intentions from steps 1 and 2 into the stones by repeating your affirmation, mantra, or statement while holding and staring at the stones. This will create an anchor for your intentions within the stones.

From then on, when you would like to manifest your intention, activate your anchor by focusing on the stones in your bracelet. This will allow you to harness the power of your intention through the properties of the stones.

Now it is time to go out into the world and manifest these properties through your daily actions in order to make your wildest dreams and desires come true.


To recap: this simple process entails three steps that are all equally important for manifesting your desires into reality. First set your intention, then find clarity on why you want it. Lastly, manifest through action by taking steps towards your goals every day!

Repeat this 3-step Manifestation Process daily to reach new heights and create a reality that excites you on every level.

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